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Review: Look me in the eye – My life with Aspberger’s by John Elder Robison

A wry, comical and poignant view of what life is like for someone with Aspbergers. Robison (the elder brother of Augusten Burroughs), demonstrates brutally honesty as he describes growing up in a starkly dysfunctional family (graphically documented by his brother in his memoir “running with scissors”), with the additional burden of being an undiagnosed Aspie. While some of the chapters have a “first this happened, then that happened” pedantic quality to them, Robison is mostly able to mine his funny, sad and sometimes heartbreaking experiences into memorable tales that anyone can relate to. As a high-functioning Aspie, I empathized immediately with the reliance on logic, delight in patterns, and love of repetitive behaviors (and peculiar bedtime comforts) Robison so ably describes. A wonderful read for all Aspies, as well as for those peculiar humans we are all required to deal with…



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