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Using Facebook for Marketing – Jeff Dwyer, Facebook

The Dimensions of Social – Jesse Dwyer, Facebook

– The power of the social graph: making recommendations, making predictions
– Connecting people. Make decisions based on people.
– The Traditional Marketing Funnel versus People having the power
– Influence of people on others to purchase a brand
– Lada Adamic “the role of social networks in information diffusion”
– real people have the power of stories
– how do you get people to share your story?
– how do you “make it social”?
– what are the dimensions of social?
– Connect, Engage, Influence, Integrate

– quality not quantity
– avoid gimmicks and incentives
– convert customers to fans

– create compelling page experience
– high quality, frequent updates on page
– put experienced marketers at helm
– many lightweight interactions build relationships and loyalty
(see Burberry’s page)

– engage connections
– find real people to tell their stories
– continue frequent, high-quality publishing

– social by design
– leverage the social graph to make your business better
– create synergy between social marketing and core business processes
– create custom apps to engage and make audiences influential

– how will you create influence through people?
– how will you make the power of people an engine for marketing?



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