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What does it take to build a country

The Basics of Country Construction: – develop an appealing cuisine – develope a wine, beer, spirits industry – be recognized off being fair and just – re-engineer the weather – have a good travel brand – behave yourself – go easy on religion – Master infrastructure – Build brands people want – Invest in athletics

iPhone autocorrect haiku

“Fujitsu not ju-jitsu!” Man screams at ‘phone The Zen of martial business   Character or coward iPhone knows better Does one become the other?   Panem et Circences The Hunger Games iPhone knows that pain’s a circus   Cash stock options right now! I command Siri “Cass Stukov, I’ll remind you”   From Alain de … Continue reading

Why “A Separation” by Asghar Farhadi is perhaps the best film of the past five years.

  There is a scene a third of the way through Asghar Farhardi’s latest drama/mystery/family saga when the audience witnesses a death. At the time, they do not realize it. Or perhaps they do? The scene replays itself at the end when another death is implied, but has apparently already occurred off screen. Is either … Continue reading