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How to make the perfect sales call

. Research Anything you can do to learn about the person or people that you are meeting, the company, their products, their competition, and their customers can make a huge difference. It will help you understand how your product can tie into their overall goals: You can ask better questions, show the prospect you care … Continue reading

Thirteen things Customers want you to know

1. Customers want to feel important. 2. Customers crave to be appreciated. 3. Customers are not particularly interested in you. 4. Customers want two things in life:  Success and happiness. 5. Customers want you to truly listen. 6. Customers will not connect unless they feel valued by you. 7. Customers buy emotionally and defend logically. 8. Customers … Continue reading

Interesting Interview Questions

“After streamlining and reducing purchasing cost for raw materials, can you think of another way to reduce the cost of making a piece of chocolate?” – A.T. Kearney business analyst candidate (location n/a). “A pharma company you are consulting is coming up with 2 new products. What factors would help them decide how to distribute … Continue reading

My Top Ten Enterprise Social Software Apps

Batchbook Jive Engage Lithium Social Customer Suite Meltwater Buzz Mzinga Omnisocial Moxie Spaces Nimble Oracle RightNow Salesforce Radian6 SugarCRM 

Four things never to say to a CEO

Four things never to say to a CEO     1. “I’ll have to get back to you on that.”   In other words, you don’t know and didn’t do your homework. Welch fired one vice president who gave that answer several times during a presentation.   2. Making fun of a corporate program.   … Continue reading

How to get lucky – put planned serendipity to work

Set yourself in motion. The more you talk with people, the greater the chance of finding what you need – without knowing from whom, where, when or exactly how you’ll find it. Connect the dots between conversations and experiences. Look at things with a new viewpoint by forgetting what you know to be true. Try … Continue reading

Will MeetUp will become a more successful social network than Facebook?

Minimum Viable Fitness Product (MVFP)

I’ve been spending some time working on my MVFP. Here’s one: 1. 50 (or more) pushups in 60s. 2. 50 (or more) squats in 120s. 3. 25 pull-ups in 120s. 4. 50 (or more) step-ups in 60s. 5. 50 (or more) burpees in 60s. (Repeat until nauseous) Total time: 7 minutes (excluding rest time). Comments?!

The Unhealthiest Juices in America

Unhealthiest Juices in America.

Tips on making a successful pitch

Seven Tips for New-Biz Pitches from an ad agency expert who was on the client’s side   Follow instructions. The client gave you instructions for a reason. So follow them. While no one agency was disqualified for “breaking the rules,” it was noted and factored into the final decision on whether to go with that agency … Continue reading