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Interesting Interview Questions

“After streamlining and reducing purchasing cost for raw materials, can you think of another way to reduce the cost of making a piece of chocolate?” – A.T. Kearney business analyst candidate (location n/a).

“A pharma company you are consulting is coming up with 2 new products. What factors would help them decide how to distribute their sales force?” – ZS Associates associate candidate (San Mateo, Calif.)

“Interview me and then tell me if you would hire me” – ThoughtWorks talent scout candidate (Porto Alegre, Brazil).

“Estimate how many windows are in New York” –Bain & Company associate consultant candidate (Boston).

“Give 2-3 negative points of diversity in a company” –Shell Oil supply chain graduate candidate (location n/a).

“How many hotels are there in the US?” – Google product manager candidate (Mountain View, Calif.)

“What is more necessary, skill or will?” –Unisys systems analyst candidate (Bangalore, India).



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