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Review – The Tender Bar: J.R. Moehringer

Hearing J.R. Moehringer on NPR today (his new book “Sutton” is a novel based on notorious bank-robber Willie Sutton) reminded me to write about his excellent coming-of-age memoir “The Tender Bar.” As a self-confessed barfly who has always loved the energy, charisma and conviviality of bars (I grew up soaking in Britain’s pub culture), this … Continue reading

Is Google (Facebook;Twitter) the World’s Best Economist?

I have been wondering for a while why Economists haven’t made better use of Google keyword search analytics as an economic tool after hearing how Google can predict flu outbreaks with surprising accuracy: http://blogs.wsj.com/health/2010/05/17/google-flu-trends-good-at-suggesting-not-pinpointing-flu-cases/ While Google flu trends is a coarse indicator, I wondered if other Google search terms could be more accurate short-term predictors … Continue reading

Nine tips on how to SetUp your StartUp

Information courtesy of Tom Pai at Ravix Group Tom Pai (tpai@ravixgroup.com) Open a bank account with a bank that understands StartUps (SV Bank, BridgeBank, Square 1, etc.) Hire Your Team. Get help and be aware of legal issues. Use law-firm templates to hire people. Make sure you are in compliance with employee law. Use A … Continue reading

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is the process by which visitors to a site become paid customers. Consider the following. When visitors land on your Home Page, three things occur: – moment of orientation (where am I?) – moment of conversation (what can I do here?) – moment of value exchange (what benefit does it have … Continue reading

Ten Tips to Better Literary Fiction

Show don’t tell, EXCEPT in the epiphany REMOVE all adverbs and adjectives Give each sentence (paragraph, page, chapter) an ARC Character IS plot Explicate the DESIRES of each character Break the inner CORE of each character and create a NEW core Describe how events lead each character to lose their IDENTITY (and create a new … Continue reading

The World’s Greatest Philosophers – listed as a soccer team!

Plato When: 427-347BC Who: father of western philosophy. Wrote the Socratic dialogs. One-Liner: “Our discussion is about no ordinary matter, but about the right way to conduct our lives” Need to know: The theory of forms. (The objective essence of something). Tome: “The Republic” Tome in one sentence: We are deluded cavemen watching shadows flickering … Continue reading

What is Sales 2.0? – Download a presentation on this topic here

Want to learn more about Sales2.0? Click: Sales2.0 2012 to download my latest PPT presentation on the topic

The Quantified Self – Do Men Need Women?

Click here to view my talk at the Quantified Self on: Do Men need Women? A Quantified Self on my health and wellness in the presence and absence of women – in long-term and short-term relationships…

Big Data in Healthcare – Health2.0 Talk 2011

Click here to see my talk and panel on Big Data in Healthcare that I moderated at the Health2.0 Conference in 2011

Review: Flammen & Citronen (Flame and Citron)

Flammen & Citronen (Flame and Citron) Denmark, 2008 An excellent, violent, noirish World War II drama, based on the true story of the Holge Danske resistance group. Flame (Thure Lindhardt, so-called for his flame-colored hair) and Citron (the always reliable Mads Mikkelsen), are two resistance fighters called upon first to assassinate Danish collaborators, then the … Continue reading