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How to TRULY motivate others

First, answer the following questions:

1. Who do I care about most?

You can only motivate people you care about. Learn to find some aspect of the person you seek to motivate that you truly care about.

2. How can I help them be happier?

People are motivated when they see that the goal will make them happier. First determine what makes them happy, then determine how the goals you wish to motivate them to accomplish will make them feel happier.

3. What are my most powerful goals?

Determine what your goals are and share them with the other person. People are motivated to accomplish something when they see how it “fits” into the bigger picture of someone else’s goals.

4. How will I feel when I achieve them?

Share how you will feel when you achieve your goals. People are motivated to help others reach their goals when they know just how much it means to them.

5. What makes me truly grateful?

Show your sincere appreciation when others accomplish goals that guide you down the path of gratitude.

6. How can I show more appreciation?

No matter how much you think you are thanking others for their accomplishments, nothing motivates them more than unexpected tokens of appreciation. Read Daniel Pink’s “Drive” to learn the (surprising) truth about what really motivates us.

7. What’s great about my “right now”?

Revel in the moment. Share with others the delights of what you are doing, right now.

8. How could I make it even better?

Once you have convinced others of the pleasure of the moment, share with them how you intend to make it even better. People mirrors the positive habits of others, and you will quickly find them doing the same.

9. What’s the next step?

There is always a next step. Never give up. Be persistent. If you are making incremental progress toward your goals and others can observe you, so will they.



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