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Five customer-centric habits that drive sales success

Is delivering a great buying experience essential for revenue?

Buyers having a great experience is one factor but not the only factor to revenue success. Customers want more from a sales interaction then “a cozy chat.” How are marketing and sales interactions (the revenue team) perceived by buyers? in general, Buyers are focused on expecting two things from their sales executives:

– that they are focused on solving a problem
– that they are willing and able to drive an end-result for the buyer (Forrester research)

What is a key characteristic of a top-performing company? It is “Leaders who are addicted to their customers” (Tony Hsieh, Jeff Bezos) Use tools to improve the customer experience so that buyers feel that they are being listened to:

– CRM (customer relationship management)
– CEM (customer experience management)
– Social Media
– Analytics (big data)

CEM & CRM are complementary technologies that bind the revenue team to the buying team for the client. Tools enable habits. Habits turn good intentions into business value.

– Business strategy, leads to:
— Organizational habits, which generate:
— Customer value, as seen by recurring revenue and upsells

Five customer centric habits that all organizations should adopt:

Listen: get feedback (not just surveys)
Think: use fact-based analytics (big data)
Empower: allow people to do the right thing for the customer
Create: innovate new ideas and offer them to the customers
Delight: surprise the customer positively by surpassing expectations



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