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Nine Tips for Making Your Presentations Performance Art

Always give gracefully what cannot be refused. Being disarming demands attention. Compromise the target’s self-beliefs. Confidence is a ‘yes’ function. Determine what is missing from a person’s life, then present them with it. Don’t approach directly, skirt the periphery. Emotions are more persuasive then facts. Indifference is a powerful stimulus. Make every encounter a work … Continue reading

How to TRULY motivate others

First, answer the following questions: 1. Who do I care about most? You can only motivate people you care about. Learn to find some aspect of the person you seek to motivate that you truly care about. 2. How can I help them be happier? People are motivated when they see that the goal will … Continue reading

The ten greatest rock songs to listen to while running

1. Bruce Springsteen: Born to Run No man has ever been as adept as The Boss at capturing the feeling of escape in rock music. Propelled by the ace rhythm section of the E-Street Band, “Born to Run” is Springsteen’s most enduring anthem—a call to arms (and legs) for tramps like us with an instinctual … Continue reading