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Transcribing Anton Chekhov to 21st Century Silicon Valley Noir

As part of an exercise in writing short stories, I’ve been attempting to transcribe Chekhov (considered by many to be the foremost short-story writer ever) into modern-day Silicon Valley. A great exercise, which can be applied to any of your favorite writers. A sample follows below: Chekhov – A Murder “The evening service was being … Continue reading

What is Art? Is Warhol Art?

From “Praising Andy Warhol” by Gary Gutting New York Times, Dec 7, 2012 http://opinionator.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/12/06/praising-andy-warhol/?ref=afternoonupdate&nl=afternoonupdate&emc=edit_au_20121207   An excellent piece, beautifully reasoned. One comment that might square the philosopher’s circle (and some of the more impassioned comments in response to his article 🙂 might be to look at Warhol’s Brillo boxes in the context of his entire … Continue reading

Shikakeology – the science of habit change

Shikake is an embodied trigger for behavior change The trigger is designed to induce a specific behavior The behavior should lead to solutions to personal or societal issues The merits of Shikakeological approach are summarized as four points; low expertise, low cost, wide range of target users, and long term continuous behavior changes. Developing a … Continue reading

Secrets to Happiness

From Rakesh Sarin and Manel Baucells’ “How to Engineer a Happy Life” Happiness equals reality minus shifting expectations As we try to improve our reality, by working harder so we can make more money, buy a bigger house, or drive a fancier car, our expectations also shift. We are happy for a little while, but … Continue reading

The CICIPRODE model of Sales

CICIPRODE: C – Curiosity (get the buyer’s attention) I – Involvement (get the buyer’s personal involvement) C – Confidence (get the client’s confidence in your ability) I – Issue (uncover needs) P – Problem (get client to state problem explicitly) R – Resolution (identify a solution and get client’s buy-in) O – Obstacles (handle all … Continue reading

The core essentials of Business Development

1. Build Relationships People buy from people they trust Establish credibility Listen hard, talk little Plant seeds for the future Be a representative 2. Spot Opportunities Opportunities come in many forms Not all problems are opportunities Use questions to raise awareness Earn the right to ask deeper questions Recognize readiness Ensure your firm can help … Continue reading