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The core essentials of Business Development

1. Build Relationships

  • People buy from people they trust
  • Establish credibility
  • Listen hard, talk little
  • Plant seeds for the future
  • Be a representative

2. Spot Opportunities

  • Opportunities come in many forms
  • Not all problems are opportunities
  • Use questions to raise awareness
  • Earn the right to ask deeper questions
  • Recognize readiness
  • Ensure your firm can help

3. Get Permission

  • Understand the drivers of each of the different buyers
  • Be seen as the person who can help
  • Use coaches
  • Be realistic

4. Close the Deal

  • Understand the problem
  • Cover all stakeholders
  • Make sure the Economic Buyer is on-board
  • Make it easy to say “yes”
  • Address objections and obstacles
  • Produce a compelling proposal
  • Get a CAF/PO

5. Deliver as Promised

  • Delivery is part of selling
  • Ecstatic clients are firm supporters
  • Ensure a happy client
  • Enhance the relationship
  • Deliver value


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