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Shikakeology – the science of habit change

Shikake is an embodied trigger for behavior change
The trigger is designed to induce a specific behavior
The behavior should lead to solutions to personal or societal issues

The merits of Shikakeological approach are summarized as four points; low expertise, low cost, wide range of target users, and long term continuous behavior changes. Developing a Shikake can be easier and less expensive than developing a complicated engineering mechanism. These advantages allow people to use the Shikake approach to address immediate problems without requiring specific expertise.

Another Shikake objective is to induce spontaneous behavior. When people feel controlled or forced by someone or something to do something, they never do that again. On the other hand, if people desire and enjoy changing their behavior, they do it repeatedly. Shikake aims to change behavior through a continuous engagement and transformation process. The approach is summarized by four key features: low expertise, low cost, wide range of target users, and long term continuous behavior change.


1. Fly at bottom of urinal
2. Telescopes in zoo.


Littering: see the Fun Theory for how to get people to throw their garbage in the bin. Use SOUND to change behavior. Transparent trash bins act as social proof for identifying recyclables, etc. bad behavior can be observed, resulting in loss of self-esteem.

Parking: Reciprocity can be used to give positive feedback encouraging people to park responsibly e.g. by providing person to maintain/repair their bicycles.

OverEating: Removing trays from cafeterIas reduces food consumption and wastage 30%. Place low-calorie dishes at eye- level.

Exercise: keyboard steps in Sweden. (The Fun Theory). Entertainment is a strong motivator for exercise. Fitbit electronic flower, etc. shikakeology jump rope with wireless counter. (Tanita.)

Traffic: Volkswagen fun theory lottery.

AAAI Shikakeology symposium Stanford March 25-27 2013



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