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What is Art? Is Warhol Art?

From “Praising Andy Warhol” by Gary Gutting

New York Times, Dec 7, 2012



An excellent piece, beautifully reasoned. One comment that might square the philosopher’s circle (and some of the more impassioned comments in response to his article 🙂 might be to look at Warhol’s Brillo boxes in the context of his entire artistic ensemble. Viewed in isolation, they may (or may not) provide a satisfying aesthetic experience, but viewed as a component of his oeuvre one can begin to discern a creative arc and perhaps even a striving for permanence. I once saw a two-hour documentary on Warhol’s early struggles and was duly impressed with his artistic evolution. The answer then, may be not to expect satisfaction from the Brillo boxes in isolation, but as viewed as part of an entire (conceptual) shelf of supermarket cleaning products…



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