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Ten Cardinal Factors for Effective Decision Making – Frank Yates

  1. Need – What are we (not) deciding anything at all?
  2. Mode – Who (or what) will make this decision, and how will they approach that task?
  3. Investment – What kinds and amounts of resources will be invested in the process of making this decision?
  4. Options – What are the different actions we could potentially take to deal with the issue?
  5. Possibilities – What are the various things that could happen if we took a particular action?
  6. Judgement – Which of the things that they care about actually would happen if we took that action?
  7. Value – How much would they really care (positively or negatively) if that action were taken?
  8. Tradeoffs – How should we make the tradeoffs that are required to settle on the action? we will pursue?
  9. Acceptability – How can we get them to agree to this decision?
  10. Implementation – We’ve made the decision and chosen the course of action. How do we get it done, and can it be done?


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