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You Gotta Love the Law – Hilarious responses from Law.com Legal Blog Watch

1. Question: I am a police officer. I just pulled over a driver who ran a red light and found that he (a) smelled of alcohol, and (b) was driving while wearing ice skates. He did not fail the breathalyzer test, however. What is the proper charge here? 

Answer: In Minnesota, where driving while wearing skates is probably not completely unheard of, it looks like the charge would be for “breach of an undertaking.” (SaultStar.comCharged driver wears skates)

2. Question: I purchased Lance Armstrong’s book, It’s Not About the Bike: My Journey Back to Life, a while back. It was billed as “non-fiction,” but we now know from the Oprah interview that Armstrong was using performance enhancing drugs and the story was actually fiction. Can I get my money back?

Answer: As a purchaser of the book, you may be able to join the class action charging Armstrong with consumer fraud and recover for your “loss.” (Tex Parte BlogArmstrong and publishers sued in class-action lawsuit based on consumer fraud)

3. Question: My 5-year-old son built some Legos into the shape of a toy gun at school. It actually looks more like a diving board than a gun, but whatever. Is that going to be a problem? 

Answer: Yes, expect a letter threatening your son with suspension from school shortly. (CBS BostonHyannis 5-Year-Old Threatened With Suspension For Making Gun Out Of Legos)




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