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How to Succeed at Your Goals

Set an ambitious goal. It shouldn’t be outlandishly difficult, but it should be enough of a stretch that you’ll be excited to work toward it. Nobody who sets a goal of losing 5 pounds miraculously loses 20. Be specific. It’s not enough to simply envision yourself succeeding at a goal. Multiple studies have shown that intention fails … Continue reading

Lessons on Creative Leadership from THNK

Creative Leadership is: Envisioning a better future Orchestrating creative teams Acting with passion and purpose Driving breakthrough change Applying an explorative mindset Envisioning a better future – Think globally, and towards a triple bottom line (profit, people, planet) – Articulate a clear vision – Find creative solutions – Courage to be a pioneer Orchestrating creative … Continue reading

How to eat to get the physique of an Olympic athlete!

1. Exercise before breakfast – it helps your body burn fat more efficiently. 2. Eat dinner around 6pm. Do light exercise (e.g. a short walk) an hour later. 3. Eat butter, not margarine. Reduce omega-6 fatty acids and increase omega-3 4. Eat four meals a day e.g. – omelette for breakfast – salad for lunch … Continue reading

Five Trends in Modern Organizations

1. Organization are opening up their boundaries We view boundaries not as edges but as areas of overlap. How might mobile enable collaborations between inside and outside? (FoldIt, Innocentive, Nike-Green.) 2. Organizations are searching for purpose beyond profit We spend significant portions of our lives working, and individuals are looking outside organizations for purpose. (e.g. Target, Patagonia, Nike). How … Continue reading

If Human (I) : Non-Fiction (Memoir)

IF (human)      THEN look_in(eyes) ELSE IF (dog)      THEN .NOT.look_in(eyes) END IF   The three-year old boy carefully ripped the old newspaper into four jagged, ungainly pieces. He laid them neatly onto the floor. To the uninitiated eye, they looked like nothing more than scraps of old, yellowing news type. However to … Continue reading

Dogs Bite (Short Fiction)

    I have watched her like this on many evenings, envying her ability to quickly master her toys, while mine lie confused and listless. She effortlessly works her way around the computer keyboard, games twinkling with passion, I watching intently over her shoulder. We are joined at times like this, sisters together, our intensity … Continue reading

Heat (Short Fiction)

  The salt in his sweat was burning now, spearing his right eye with a intensity. The rivulets ran down the side of his face, viscous and globular, settling into his eyes. Still he held his gaze skywards, drawn to the burning sun, trying to match the intensity of its heat with his gaze. The … Continue reading

The Rise of the New Clown Movement (Short Fiction)

Gael applied the smile to my face with his usual cynicism. While I appreciated his skills, it tired me to listen to his tirade about the mayor’s excesses, the homeless, and how we’d been robbed in the elections. I had heard these stories many times before, in our village, on my travels, in this deeply … Continue reading

Eight Great Leadership Lessons from Garrett Reisman, Former NASA Astronaut

1) Have a grand vision – Elon Musk, SpaceX CEO, CTO As a leader, you can inspire and motivate your team to tremendous effect by communicating a vision in a clear, straight-forward way.  But don’t think small – raise the bar really really high.  Elon wants us to make the human species multi-planetary.  That’s different … Continue reading

The VC and the Mistress (Fiction)

The VC &  Mistress    Was it destiny? According to Pat Nair there could be no doubt. His fortune teller in the Castro had told him that morning it was going to be a special day, one in which someone from the past might reappear, and that he should be prepared. Admittedly he had already … Continue reading