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How to eat to get the physique of an Olympic athlete!

1. Exercise before breakfast – it helps your body burn fat more efficiently.

2. Eat dinner around 6pm. Do light exercise (e.g. a short walk) an hour later.

3. Eat butter, not margarine. Reduce omega-6 fatty acids and increase omega-3

4. Eat four meals a day e.g.
– omelette for breakfast
– salad for lunch
– soup or protein shake in afternoon
– meat & 2 veg (no carbs) for dinner

5. Use virgin olive-oil for salads; coconut oil for frying.

6. Avoid carbs & fat together e.g. Pizza

7. Have cottage cheese as an evening snack. (Tryptophan helps you sleep).

8. For weight-loss, replace carbs with vegetables

9. Red wine is fine; lager causes man-boobs (known as the oestrogenic effect)



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