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Design Rules for Enterprises

Excerpt From: Brown, Tim. “Change by Design.” HarperCollins, 2009. iBooks

1. The best ideas emerge when the whole organizational ecosystem—not just its designers and engineers, and certainly not just management—has room to experiment.

2. Those most exposed to changing externalities (new technology, shifting consumer base, strategic threats or opportunities) are the ones best placed to respond, and most motivated to do so.

3. Ideas should not be favored based on who creates them. 

4. Ideas that create a buzz should be favored. Indeed, ideas should gain a vocal following, however small, before being given organizational support.

5. The “gardening” skills of senior leadership should be used to tend, prune, and harvest ideas. (MBAs call this “risk tolerance.”)

6. An overarching purpose should be articulated so that the organization has a sense of direction and innovators don’t feel left in the cold.



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