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How to REFRAME any problem (any problem!) and discover a solution

How to REFRAME any diffiult situation

The Reframe Concept has four key steps – four steps

Step 1 – What is your CORE BELIEF that is constraining about a topic
Step 2 – What are your SUPPORTING BELIEFS; choose the four most important ones
Step 3 – Find OPPOSITES for each of your supporting beliefs. Things that are diametrically the opposite
Step 4 – Construct a REFRAMED Core Belief


CORE BELIEF – Maurius is an insignificant island in the Indian Ocean

Small size
Little Economic Potentical
small GDP
SInking due to climate change

Vast Ocean – right in the center
Sustainable Ocean Mining
High leverage of local GDP
Investment case for sustainability

REFRAME – Maurituis is the world’s LARGEST Ocean Economy

Take your own situation, and follow these four steps:

1. Define your CORE BELIEF
2. Expand on your SUPPORTING BELIEFS
3. Then find OPPOSITES to each of these supporting beliefs 
4. Finally construct a REFRAMED belief that is the positive to your initial (negative) belief

Good Luck!

Thanks to THNK for their methodology for this solution 



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