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Nine Tips to be Successful at Selling Anything!


  1. Let the buyer TRUST you. (To buy is to trust.) Establish trust through honesty and credibility early with the buyer.
  2. Let the buyer TALK 90% of the time. (It is remarkable how many sales people fail at this!) Switch from TELL mode to ASK mode. Keep asking questions until the buyer is tired of talking…
  3. Be TRANSPARENT about your product and yourself. Generally, the buyer only cares about a single feature or benefit. Don’t confuse them.
  4. Don’t sell a product (feature, benefit) that has no value to the buyer. Focus on identifying unique VALUE for that particular buyer.
  5. Be OPTIMISTIC, not realistic. (The buyer will inject a health dose of realism.) Your job is to create a positive vision for the buyer.
  6. STAND UP when you are selling. (Especially on the ‘phone!) Your body-language will convey urgency to the buyer.
  7. FOLLOW-UP until you drop. (Many sales people give up far too early in the process!) Keep pinging the prospect until they respond.
  8. Give them TIME to decide. Don’t attempt to force the buyer to make a decision based on some arbitrary constraint (e.g. end of the quarter.) Estimate how much time your buyer will need, then double it.
  9. Calculate how many no’s you will hear until you get to YES.


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