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21 Tips for The Art of the Novel

1. Find a great plot or story. 2. Play with form and language. 3. Have the reader enjoy identifying the plot. 4. Combine plot and character. 5. Create stories that continue long after having been read. (e.g. William Trevor) 6. Place surprise on the page: even on every paragraph. (e.g. Jorge Luis Borges, JG Ballard) … Continue reading

Ten Tips to the Art of the Short Story

1. Write a back story for the characters, then removeĀ it. 2. Find the source of tension in the story. 3. Point of view (POV) originates in the nervous system. 4. Find a route that allows you in to the POV. 5. Find a voice that is clear and consistent. 6. Incorporate elements of science-fiction or … Continue reading