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Tips on Leadership

1. Don’t hide anything from employees

Keep individuals up to date on their status as it relates to the group. All this forces you to have and share your vision, which is what makes you a great leader in the first place.

2. Show empathy in tangible ways

You need to be able to understand the problems, as well as that person’s point of view. They might not always be happy, but it will lead to more acceptance if you have to tell them something they’re not eager to hear.

3. Learn how to lead the younger generation

Work to build relationships one-on-one. Have employees join industry or peer communities to take advantage of meeting and networking in person.

4. Don’t be afraid of the truth

That includes truths about yourself, your product, your people. If your product stinks and your people aren’t performing, pretending that just ain’t so won’t change anything. At the same time, don’t beat yourself up. Just look at it, address it, and move on.

5. Be human, not humanoid

Let some positive emotion flow between you and your people. Get to know them better … and let them get to know you better. People will go to the wall for people they know, like, admire, and respect.

6. Never forget your responsibility

If you ever lose empathy for, and dedication to, the people you are leading, you are not being a leader.

8. Get comfortable in dynamic environments

The most successful firms are able to act quickly and decisively in response to change. Strong self-efficacy, high achievement, autonomy, and the ability to take decisive actions in the face of uncertainty and dynamic environments are critical capabilities for an organization.

9. Take someone in training along with you on mundane tasks

When you have a task that will involve a long wait time, take along a developing leader to invest in him or her.

10. Let employees in on your vision

The more they know, the more you all are part of the same dream and vision and you’ll all work harder to get where you need to go as a team.

11. Always lead with character

Leaders with character are effective because they’re knowledgeable, admired, trusted, and respected. This helps them secure buy-in automatically.

12. Nurture a better self-awareness

Leadership has got nothing to do with figuring it out and everything to do with feeling it out.

13. It’s not about you

Don’t make leadership about being in charge, being right, getting promoted, or looking the best. Make leadership about the cause of the organization, serving the legitimate needs of those you’re leading, and not taking yourself so seriously.

14. Be curious

When we are curious with others, we learn, we collaboration, and we innovate. When leaders aren’t curious, they tend to judge, tell, blame, and even shame without realizing it.



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