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Ten Tips to Creating an Effective Sales Plan

  1. Select sectors where you already have credibility: Proven track record, Expertise in their world; Extensive contact base; People who can provide introductions.
  2. Develop relationships with representative organizations in each sector: Professional bodies, trade organizations, writing publications or blog articles, giving speeches, providing resources
  3. Leverage client relationships (Where those clients are well-networked): Check their LinkedIn accounts; Ask them for referrals; Get introductions to their contacts
  4. Target at least five individuals within each prospect organization: Increases the chance of finding business; enables lateral movement within the organization from multiple points of access;
  5. Follow targets and prospect companies on Social Media: Watch their comments, groups, look for mutual contacts, answer questions they ask; create visibility in mutual groups
  6. Connect with complementary solution providers: i..e. suppliers who target the same customers as you, with a complementary (not competitive) product. Ensure the are well-networked, are willing to share information, and want to swop introductions
  7. Attend two networking events each month: Get attendance lists in advance; ask the organizers for introductions; ask questions; follow-up sincerely; build trust before asking for help
  8. Become a thought-leader in your target sector: Share ideas, write articles, answer questions, make speeches, provide insight, anticipate trends.
  9. Stay in touch with customers even when they don’t wish to buy from you: Be helpful, support, keep them on your distribution list, send them free resources.
  10. Prioritize new customer accounts based on the potential long-term opportunity, not just the current transaction value: Cultivate relationships both high and wide. Introduce them to potential customers.


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