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Towards a Quantitative Model of Design Thinking: Implications for Silicon Valley

Quantitative Design Thinking: A New Foundational Science for Engineering Ade Mabogunje Center for Design Research Stanford University (Talk given at  PARC, 2/19/15) Design thinking has classically attempted to seek coherence in understanding but not in rationality. In particular, design thinking has focused on context dependence, that is the impact of local culture on processes and … Continue reading

How to sell anything in four simple steps

In essence, sales is: 1. How you gather information 2. How you respond to information 3. How you deliver information 4. And how you ask for something (closing) Example: How to sell a pen. (See “The Wolf of Wall Street” if you don’t know why this is relevant!) 1. Find out how they last used … Continue reading

Gamification for Entertainment & Building Loyalty

Notes from Mario Herger workshop at WIX Idea to IPO MeetUp: Gamification Principles: Smooth onboarding Visual feedback Aural feedback Clear goal Hidden goal Secondary goal(s) Creating teams Make simple, routine tasks artificially hard so people compete Gamification Apps: – Loyalty programs – TurboTax (tax filing) – Hybrid vehicles (see Fiat Ecoville) – LinkedIn – Amazon … Continue reading

21 Tips for The Art of the Novel

1. Find a great plot or story. 2. Play with form and language. 3. Have the reader enjoy identifying the plot. 4. Combine plot and character. 5. Create stories that continue long after having been read. (e.g. William Trevor) 6. Place surprise on the page: even on every paragraph. (e.g. Jorge Luis Borges, JG Ballard) … Continue reading

Ten Tips to the Art of the Short Story

1. Write a back story for the characters, then remove it. 2. Find the source of tension in the story. 3. Point of view (POV) originates in the nervous system. 4. Find a route that allows you in to the POV. 5. Find a voice that is clear and consistent. 6. Incorporate elements of science-fiction or … Continue reading

Dan Ariely on Behavioral Economics (in San Francisco)

Overview “…no one knows his place in society, his class position or social status; nor does he know his fortune in the distribution of natural assets and abilities, his intelligence and strength, and the like” —John Rawls “The Veil Of Ignorance” What are the nudges or pushes that we can use to steer better behavior from … Continue reading

The Neuroscience of Art Appreciation

Extracted from “What is art? Why we like what we like” by Matthew Huston, The Atlantic, July/August 2014 In order to appreciate art, we must first understand that what we are looking at is art. Researchers found that telling people to imagine themselves a year in the future (a tactic meant to induce abstract thinking) … Continue reading

Neuroplasticity – Lessons from “The Brain that Changes Itself” Norman Doige

Excerpt From: Norman Doidge, M.D. “The Brain That Changes Itself.” iBooks. https://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewBook?id=357928935   Brain Maps And The Plastic Brain Spatial reasoning is necessary for forming a mental map of where things are. We use this kind of reasoning to organize our desks or remember where we have left our keys. Kinesthetic perception allows us to … Continue reading

Open Source Software and Innovation

From the Fujitsu Labs Innovation Forum, June 4th, 2014, Mountain View, CA     Ryan Singer, CryptoCorp Avery Ching, Facebook Andreas Gal, Mozilla.org Jim Zemlin, Linux Foundation   “We are moving from a product-based world to a services-based world.” – Jim Zemlin. This is primarily due to:   Software Abstraction: Virtualization, SDN, etc.hardware is getting commoditized … Continue reading

Nine Tips to be Successful at Selling Anything!

Let the buyer TRUST you. (To buy is to trust.) Establish trust through honesty and credibility early with the buyer. Let the buyer TALK 90% of the time. (It is remarkable how many sales people fail at this!) Switch from TELL mode to ASK mode. Keep asking questions until the buyer is tired of talking… … Continue reading