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PopUp Magazine – Issue Seven

Pop Up Magazine – Edition Seven What is PopUp Magazine? A once in a lifetime event, or another San Francisco hype-story? A bit of both, perhaps. In its seventh edition, this San Francisco “happening” may be the next Burning Man in the making. For one evening at Davies Symphony Hall, a sold-out audience comes together to … Continue reading

Review – The Tender Bar: J.R. Moehringer

Hearing J.R. Moehringer on NPR today (his new book “Sutton” is a novel based on notorious bank-robber Willie Sutton) reminded me to write about his excellent coming-of-age memoir “The Tender Bar.” As a self-confessed barfly who has always loved the energy, charisma and conviviality of bars (I grew up soaking in Britain’s pub culture), this … Continue reading

World Philosophers “Dream Team”; with one-liner stats!

Plato When: 427-347BC Who: father of western philosophy. Wrote the Socratic dialogs. One-Liner: “Our discussion is about no ordinary matter, but about the right way to conduct our lives” Need to know: The theory of forms. (The objective essence of something). Tome: “The Republic” Tome in one sentence: We are deluded cavemen watching shadows flickering … Continue reading

The ten greatest rock songs to listen to while running

1. Bruce Springsteen: Born to Run No man has ever been as adept as The Boss at capturing the feeling of escape in rock music. Propelled by the ace rhythm section of the E-Street Band, “Born to Run” is Springsteen’s most enduring anthem—a call to arms (and legs) for tramps like us with an instinctual … Continue reading

My life in 100 photos

Years 0-2, Whitton, London England