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Open Source Software and Innovation

From the Fujitsu Labs Innovation Forum, June 4th, 2014, Mountain View, CA     Ryan Singer, CryptoCorp Avery Ching, Facebook Andreas Gal, Mozilla.org Jim Zemlin, Linux Foundation   “We are moving from a product-based world to a services-based world.” – Jim Zemlin. This is primarily due to:   Software Abstraction: Virtualization, SDN, etc.hardware is getting commoditized … Continue reading

The three (four?) forms of Innovation – Clayton Christensen

By Clayton S. Christensen “A Capitalists Dilemma” New York Times, Sunday Nov 4th, 2012 According to Professor Christensen, there are three forms of innovation: Empowering Innovations – That transform complex, costly products only available to a few to simpler, cheaper products available to many. (And that use capital to expand capacity and finance receivables and inventory.) … Continue reading