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Principles of NeuroMarketing

Neuromarketing is “the systematic collection and interpretation of neurological and neurophysiological insights about individuals using different protocols, allowing researchers to explore nonverbal and unconscious physiological responses to various stimuli for the purposes of market research,” according to the Neuromarketing Science & Business Association. In other words, it’s how our brain responds to marketing stimuli from both … Continue reading


Everything You Need To Know About Online Marketing (in 2 pages!)

Overview There are three fundamental steps to online marketing. These are: Step 1. Understand Buyer Personas Step 2. Understand the buyers journey: Awareness, Engagement, Purchase Step 3: Map Content to Stage: Awareness: blog, infographic, general market information Evaluate: case-study, ROI calculator, company-specific content Purchase: pricing, demos, evaluations, product-specific content In the “awareness” stage, the buyer … Continue reading

The Art of Enchantment – For Your Products, Services, or Organization

How do we achieve enchantment with a product or service? 1. Achieve Likeability – make a Duchenne smile (crinkling around the eyes). Accept others. Default to “yes”.  2. Achieve Trustworthiness – Trust others first. Be trusting in order to be trusted. Be a baker, not an eater (not a zero-sum game.)  Find something to agree … Continue reading

Create great marketing content for your website that drives revenue

The Three Steps of Online Marketing: Step 1. Understand Buyer Personas Step 2. Understand the buyers journey: From awareness, to engagement, and finally, to purchase   Step 3. Map your web-site content to each stage of the buyer’s journey Awareness: blog, infographic Engagement: case-studies, ROI calculator Purchase: pricing, demos   Tips on How to Perform “Lean … Continue reading