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What is Art? Is Warhol Art?

From “Praising Andy Warhol” by Gary Gutting New York Times, Dec 7, 2012 http://opinionator.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/12/06/praising-andy-warhol/?ref=afternoonupdate&nl=afternoonupdate&emc=edit_au_20121207   An excellent piece, beautifully reasoned. One comment that might square the philosopher’s circle (and some of the more impassioned comments in response to his article 🙂 might be to look at Warhol’s Brillo boxes in the context of his entire … Continue reading


The World’s Greatest Philosophers – listed as a soccer team!

Plato When: 427-347BC Who: father of western philosophy. Wrote the Socratic dialogs. One-Liner: “Our discussion is about no ordinary matter, but about the right way to conduct our lives” Need to know: The theory of forms. (The objective essence of something). Tome: “The Republic” Tome in one sentence: We are deluded cavemen watching shadows flickering … Continue reading