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Ten Tips to Creating an Effective Sales Plan

Select sectors where you already have credibility: Proven track record, Expertise in their world; Extensive contact base; People who can provide introductions. Develop relationships with representative organizations in each sector: Professional bodies, trade organizations, writing publications or blog articles, giving speeches, providing resources Leverage client relationships (Where those clients are well-networked): Check their LinkedIn accounts; … Continue reading

How To Hire Top Sales Talent

[Extracted from: RainMaker Group: “Sales Manager’s Guide to Hiring Top Sales Performers”] The three keys to hiring top sales talent are: A. Identify the Right Behaviors in Your Candidate B. Understand the  Motivators of Top Sales Performers C. Determine How Many of the Attributes of Top Sales Performers Your Candidate Possesses.   Each of these … Continue reading

Everything You Need To Know About Online Marketing (in 2 pages!)

Overview There are three fundamental steps to online marketing. These are: Step 1. Understand Buyer Personas Step 2. Understand the buyers journey: Awareness, Engagement, Purchase Step 3: Map Content to Stage: Awareness: blog, infographic, general market information Evaluate: case-study, ROI calculator, company-specific content Purchase: pricing, demos, evaluations, product-specific content In the “awareness” stage, the buyer … Continue reading

Nine Tips to be Successful at Selling Anything!

Let the buyer TRUST you. (To buy is to trust.) Establish trust through honesty and credibility early with the buyer. Let the buyer TALK 90% of the time. (It is remarkable how many sales people fail at this!) Switch from TELL mode to ASK mode. Keep asking questions until the buyer is tired of talking… … Continue reading

How to Create a Great Sales Deck

1. Your Sales Deck: Should not contain information on company finances, such how much money raised, financial projections, etc. Should have short bios on team if you are going to include it.  don’t mention anything about part-time people, consultants, etc. Should be very specific on what problem you are solving for that particular customer you are … Continue reading

The CICIPRODE model of Sales

CICIPRODE: C – Curiosity (get the buyer’s attention) I – Involvement (get the buyer’s personal involvement) C – Confidence (get the client’s confidence in your ability) I – Issue (uncover needs) P – Problem (get client to state problem explicitly) R – Resolution (identify a solution and get client’s buy-in) O – Obstacles (handle all … Continue reading