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Extracts of exquisite writing from Mohsin Hamid’s “how to get filthy rich in rising Asia”

One of the most exquisite pieces of contemporary writing I’ve read recently is “…rising Asia” by Mohsin Hamid. Ostensibly s self-help manual, this quicksilver sliver of contemporary fiction traces the arc of the protagonist (the unarmed “you”) from childbirth (“start with a business plan”), to the final poignant, bitter-sweet “have an exit strategy.” I have … Continue reading

First Date Agenda

6:30 – 6:35pm – Awkward peck on cheek 6:35 – 6:45pm – Useless smalltalk while we size up each other’s outfits 6:45 – 7:00pm – Uncomfortable silence 7:00 – 8:00pm – Gulp down champagne, pate, cheese. Attempt not to talk with mouth full. Gaze at sunset through dense blanket of fog. Pretend to be impressed. … Continue reading

Transcribing Chekhov to Silicon Valley Noir – The Jogger with the Dog

One of Chekhov’s most famous short stories is “The Lady with the Dog”, set in the Russian resort town of Yalta. I decided to use it to create a noir story set in 21st-century San Francisco called “The Jogger with the Dog”. An extract follows, after the original…   ========================= The Lady With The Dog … Continue reading

Transcribing Anton Chekhov to 21st Century Silicon Valley Noir

As part of an exercise in writing short stories, I’ve been attempting to transcribe Chekhov (considered by many to be the foremost short-story writer ever) into modern-day Silicon Valley. A great exercise, which can be applied to any of your favorite writers. A sample follows below: Chekhov – A Murder “The evening service was being … Continue reading

Show AND Tell

Adapted from “Show and Tell: There’s a Reason It’s Called Storytelling” by Carol-Lynn Marrazzo Contrary to what you may think or may have been led to believe, writers TELL their stories. Take a look at this package from Flannery O’Connor’s “Good Country People”:   “She sat staring at him. There was nothing about her face … Continue reading

PopUp Magazine – Issue Seven

Pop Up Magazine – Edition Seven What is PopUp Magazine? A once in a lifetime event, or another San Francisco hype-story? A bit of both, perhaps. In its seventh edition, this San Francisco “happening” may be the next Burning Man in the making. For one evening at Davies Symphony Hall, a sold-out audience comes together to … Continue reading

Ten Tips to Better Literary Fiction

Show don’t tell, EXCEPT in the epiphany REMOVE all adverbs and adjectives Give each sentence (paragraph, page, chapter) an ARC Character IS plot Explicate the DESIRES of each character Break the inner CORE of each character and create a NEW core Describe how events lead each character to lose their IDENTITY (and create a new … Continue reading