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My life in 100 photos

Years 0-2, Whitton, London England

Why Evolution will dominate Economics in the 21st Century

Much has been made about the influence of Adam Smith on 21st C. Economics. This, despite the fact that Mr. Smith has been horribly misquoted, and indeed, only one of his philosophical tracts (and only very abridged selections thereof) are mentioned by most economists. Few realize that before writing ‘The Wealth of Nations’, Smith wrote … Continue reading

Why Science is mankind’s greatest intellectual accomplishment

Conduct the following thought experiment (if you dare): Select five physicists from five of the most diverse parts of the globe you can imagine: – a capitalist from the US brought up as a Christian – a communist from Cuba brought up as an Atheist – a socialist from China brought up as a Confucian … Continue reading

George Clooney’s top 100 films from the 60s-70s

I think I’ve seen every one of these, and except for the made-for-TV-movies, they are a pretty damn good selection! http://www.slashfilm.com/george-clooneys-top-100-films/ Didn’t see “Clockwork Orange” or “Soldier Blue” but who am I to quibble…