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Ten Predictions About the Future of Sales

Ten Predictions about the future of sales – Jacko van der Krooij: One out of two sales people will lose their job in the next 3 years There will be a shift from quota fulfillment to value creation Customers will only communicate with people they trust Executives will be held responsible for their own lead … Continue reading

Is the demise of “Friends Reunited” a warning for Facebook?

Friend’s Reunited Another warning should come from the, once wildly popular, British site Friends Reunited. It was launched in 2000 and, by 2005 had 15m members. It was then sold to British television company ITV for £120m plus earn-outs. Just four years later, it was sold on again for just £25m. It’s new owners now … Continue reading

OKRs: use one objective and three key results to stay productive

Objectives and Key Results I was intrigued enough by the title of a recent article (Every Worker Should Be C.E.O. of Something) to do a quick read-through. As soon as I saw it was an interview with a CEO I was suspicious it would just be self- and company-promoting, and it is a little but, … Continue reading

Ten Pitch Mistakes All First-Time Entrepreneurs Make

10 Pitch Mistakes  Poor Positioning. (Technology looking for a problem?) You should be solving a REAL, well-defined problem. Define a clear PAIN. No customer validation? Don’t provide “So what” benefits: give the investor context to enable them to draw the right conclusion.  Lack of Tight Focus.  Define the market segment and do not go after … Continue reading