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You Gotta Love the Law – Hilarious responses from Law.com Legal Blog Watch

1. Question: I am a police officer. I just pulled over a driver who ran a red light and found that he (a) smelled of alcohol, and (b) was driving while wearing ice skates. He did not fail the breathalyzer test, however. What is the proper charge here?  Answer: In Minnesota, where driving while wearing skates is probably … Continue reading

Ten Cardinal Factors for Effective Decision Making – Frank Yates

Need – What are we (not) deciding anything at all? Mode – Who (or what) will make this decision, and how will they approach that task? Investment – What kinds and amounts of resources will be invested in the process of making this decision? Options – What are the different actions we could potentially take … Continue reading

Transcribing Chekhov to Silicon Valley Noir – The Jogger with the Dog

One of Chekhov’s most famous short stories is “The Lady with the Dog”, set in the Russian resort town of Yalta. I decided to use it to create a noir story set in 21st-century San Francisco called “The Jogger with the Dog”. An extract follows, after the original…   ========================= The Lady With The Dog … Continue reading

Six Tips for Starting the New Year more Productively

 According to Jason Selk, Director of Mental Fitness at the St. Louis Cardinals: 1. Do 30 minutes of exercise three times a week. Selk points to reams of medical research confirming that exercise helps head off the slowing down of mental function that can result from stress (and from aging). “Schedule at least three cardio or … Continue reading