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How to get lucky – put planned serendipity to work

  1. Set yourself in motion. The more you talk with people, the greater the chance of finding what you need – without knowing from whom, where, when or exactly how you’ll find it.
  2. Connect the dots between conversations and experiences. Look at things with a new viewpoint by forgetting what you know to be true. Try to find alternative paths to a solution.
  3. Alter your course. Look for opportunities for divergence in life processes that have become linear. The same path always leads to the same place.
  4. Find commitment to purpose. Once you have identified a number of acceptable choices, select only the ones most attuned to your truest aspirations
  5. Practice “activation by design”. Be alert to choices, risks and opportunities, and widen your field of vision to notice peripheral events that connect ideas that unfold out of sequence.
  6. Find connections by constantly being aware of the box of limitations into which you place serendipitous events. 
  7. Become permeable. Open minds and open doors go hand-in-hand. Become aware of what your customers, partners, employees and other stakeholders are really saying about you.
  8. Cultivate the skill of attraction. By being charming, witty, polite and helpful, the outside world will see and interact with you differently.Image 


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