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The Art of Enchantment – For Your Products, Services, or Organization

How do we achieve enchantment with a product or service?

1. Achieve Likeability – make a Duchenne smile (crinkling around the eyes). Accept others. Default to “yes”. 

2. Achieve Trustworthiness – Trust others first. Be trusting in order to be trusted. Be a baker, not an eater (not a zero-sum game.)  Find something to agree on.

3. Perfect – do something DICEE (Deep, Intelligent, Complete, Empowering, Elegant)

4. Launch –  Tell a story: the genesis of the product or service. Plant many seeds. Use salient data points.

5. Overcome Resistance – Provide social proof. Use a dataset to change a mindset by making an animation. Enchant all the influencers. 

6. Endure – Support your evangelists. Build an ecosystem. Invoke reciprocation. Don’t rely on money. (People are driven by more than financial goals.)

7. Present Well – Customize the introduction. Sell your dream. Only 10 slides in an hour. 30 point font or larger.

8. Use Technology – Use social networks (fast, free and ubiquitous.) Remove speed bumps. Provide value with information. your ratio of promotion:value should be at least 10:90. Provide information, Insights, and Assistance. Engage: fast, flat, frequent.

9. Enchant Up – Drop everything else. Prototype fast. Deliver bad news early.

10. Enchant Down – Provide a MAP: mastery, autonomy, and purpose. Empower action. Suck it up – do the dirty work.



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